Wooster Elementary School

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About This Project


LEED Silver Certified

Wooster, Arkansas
Completed September 2008
64,259 square feet

Wooster Elementary, the first school in Arkansas to obtain a LEED for Schools Silver Certification, was designed to educate in sustainability while lowering facility costs for the district. To achieve this, the traditional learning spaces were equipped with unique features, such as an outdoor classroom and exposed building systems, as well as cutting edge technology to lower energy costs.


In pursuing LEED, the design team used many strategies to help reduce the impact on the environment and operational cost. Each room has a carbon dioxide sensor used to provide a healthy exchange of fresh air based on occupant need instead of square footage. The lighting system maintains consistent light levels on work surfaces by supplementing the natural daylight in the spaces. During peak sunlight, the amount of energy consumed by the fixtures is greatly reduced. The use of sustainable materials and native vegetation on site also work to reduce the maintenance needed for the facility.


The students have passed on the green sprit of their school’s design to the surrounding population by taking what they learn about green building home. Wooster Elementary is now the recycling center for the community and an education center for both students and parents alike.


Awards & Publications:

  • Learning by Design: Spring ’10 Outstanding Project
  • Design Construction Data: Published Jan/Feb ’11
  • Finalist for the 2010 Livable Building Award

LEED Rating:

  • Third High Performance School in Arkansas
  • First LEED for Schools Certified School in Arkansas
  • LEED Schools Silver Certification
K-12, LEED Certified