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Leisure Arts Building

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Little Rock, Arkansas
Completed February 1999
189,047 square feet
“Your ability to understand our needs and translate them into not only an extremely attractive but also very functional structure was greatly admired by all of us (remember, we are also in the creative business ourselves!) In addition, the knowledge you have of various building techniques and materials allowed us to complete this project without costing any more than an ordinary three-story box!”

“…a most sincere letter of both appreciation and recommendation for a fine architect!”

Steve Patterson, President
Leisure Arts

Leisure Arts was a wonderful project because they are very creative, also. The president of the company said at our first meeting, “We have twelve departments. I would like to have natural daylight into all spaces…get started, my assistant will direct you to the department heads. By the way, find a site.”

Jackson Brown Palculict Architects completed the entire assignment completely to Mr. Patterson’s satisfaction, including being within the budget and on schedule. Time-Warner, the company who ultimately bought Leisure Arts, strongly expressed enthusiasm with the building design, as did General Motors who used the Leisure Arts Building for the backdrop of the advertising for their new automobiles.

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